Security Alarm System Caddx NetworX NX-8E


The most versatile NetworX control available, the NX-8E offers 4-192 zones. Ideal for home automation to medium-sized commercial installations, the NX-8E is flexible enough to meet the most demanding applications.


Expandable to 192 fully programmable zones All zones programmable as fire or burglary Maximum 24 keypads Wireless expansion up to 192 zones Up/downloadable with competitor lockout Up to 8 partitions Maximum 8 keypads per partition 2-wire or 4-wire smoke detectors Automatic arming with auto retry Assign zones to one or multiple partitions 240 four digit user codes Zone activity monitor Late-to-close/early-to-open reporting Built-in RS-232 serial interface for printer or direct computer connect (adapter cable needed) 2 on-board relays (one Form A,One Form B) 2 separately ptc protected auxiliary power outputs 2 amp power supply

Partitions Up to 8 true partitions Separate account code for each partition User code assignment to multiple partitions Separate feature selections for each partition Independent entry/exit delays for each partition

512 Event Log Includes date,times,event and partition number

Communication SIA and contact ID formats Supports all major formats Event activated pager format Flexible auto-test reports Failure to communicate reporting Reports entering/exiting program mode Will communicate alarm events during programming



How does a security system work?
A security system consists of a control panel which functions as a central computer, receiving messages from a number of sensors that act as the "eyes" and "ears" of the system. If the system is "armed" and a signal is received by the panel it automatically dials a Central Monitoring Station via a built-in telephone communicator. The station operator then alerts the appropriate authorities.

Secure at Home.
Keypads, located near common entry doors allow you to control the system. They communicate with a control panel that contains an automatic dialer to call the monitoring station. Any number of other products make up a system. Generally included are:

• Magnetic Contacts to protect doors and windows that open
• Glass break sensors to protect windows and glass doors
• Motion sensors to detect movement within a defined area
• Panic switches that can be manually operated
• Sirens and sounders to sound a local alarm
• Smoke detectors to detect smoke and fire
• Heat detectors are often placed in attics and kitchens
• Barrier Barsฎ protect basement windows

Can I have my system turned on when I'm at home?
Yes, your system can be designed in any number of ways to accommodate your lifestyle. You can choose from several levels of protection. For example, when you are away from home you can have all sensors activated. When you are at home in the evening, watching TV or making dinner, you can choose to have your door and window sensors activated and your motion sensors off. System smoke detectors are always active. Your security professional can help design the system that works best for you.

What is a magnetic contact?
A two-part device that protects doors and windows that open. One part of the contact is a switch, installed in the door or window jam, the other is installed in the door or window itself and contains a magnet that signals an alarm when it moves "out of contact" with the switch. To ensure an optimum level of detection, every door and window that opens would require a magnetic contact.


How does a glass break sensor work?
There are two basic types of glass break sensors -- "acoustic" sensor that is mounted in the wall or ceiling and listens for the sound of breaking glass in a window or door and a "shock" sensor that is mounted on the window and "feels" the shock of breaking glass. Optimally, a glass break sensor can detect an intruder while he is still outside your home. Your security dealer will be able to recommend the best product for each room in your home.

What is a PIR?
A passive infrared motion detector (PIR) is a security sensor that detects an intruder by sensing his body heat as he passes through the area "covered" by the PIR. Since PIRs are motion sensors, they are designed to be used when no one is at home or when the family will not be moving through the protected areas. If you have dogs or cats home when the PIR is on, let your security dealer know so he can provide you with the appropriate product.

I have a battery-operated smoke detector, why would I need one on a security system?
A smoke detector that is part of your system provides more protection than a "stand-alone" detector because it is monitored. When smoke is detected the detector signals an alarm and sends a trouble signal to the control panel which automatically dials your Central Monitoring Station and the operator calls the fire department.

You also have the opportunity to choose a photoelectric smoke detector over an ionization detector. Photoelectric detectors are recommended for use in homes as they employ technology that responds faster to smoldering fires, the type of fire that typically occurs in residence. Ionization detectors are generally recommended for facilities where a fast, flaming fire might occur. Sentrol manufacturers both type of detectors and your security or fire professional can help you further consider this issue.

Specify Sentrol. Sentrol offers the most complete line of security products in the industry. With millions installed throughout the world, Sentrol can meet your needs. To find a professional security dealer in your area, visit the National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association's website at wwwalarm/org his professional organization provides an online state-by-state listing of trained installers. 





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