Williams Electron Inc.

2000e: 2000 Series e Style Flush-mount Backlit Access Control Keypad


The e style keypad uses hardened backlit keys to ensure long-term durability and high-quality performance. e style keypads are designed for both indoor and outdoor flush mount applications. The electronics for each e keypad are conformal coated in the manufacturing process in order to provide this level of application flexibility.

500 users
Single gang flush mount design

Backlit hardened keys
Polycarbonate trim
Key press feedback via sounder and yellow LED
Built-in assignable sounder
Bi-color Red/Green LED indicates relay status
Indoor/outdoor use
Keypad programmable
Five year warranty
Functionality mode: 2000 Series

Operating voltage: 10-30 VDC; 12-24 VAC auto-adjusting
Dimensions: 2.75" W X 4.50" H x 0.60" D
Temperature tolerance: -20F to 130F